Corporate Social Responsibility

SUMED is commited to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large whilst balancing the interests of diverse stakeholders.

SUMED contributes to CSR through Community Engagement, Environmental Protection and Donations.

Our Core Values

At SUMED our values drive everything we do. They are an integral part of our company.
Safety first in every decision and action. Safe behavior for the sake of ethics beyond laws and regulations to protect and safeguard employees, environment, prevent pollution and ensure safety of neighboring communities.
Possess the qualities of being honest, moral and ethical. Always do the right thing.
Be motivated and enthusiastic and have the drive to meet and exceed targets efficiently and effectively. Improve personal performance in order to improve SUMED's performance.
Be intellectually and emotionally dedicated to the company or a course of action; have the sense of responsibility and personal empowerment.
Able to accept full responsibility for self and contribution as a team member. Demonstrate credibility; display a strong commitment to organizational success.
Act proactively and do more than what is required or expected in the job, seize opportunities that arise to find new ideas and concepts for the development of SUMED. Plan ahead for upcoming problems or opportunities and take appropriate actions. Ensure availability of sufficient information to understand and perform the job and fulfill SUMED’s requirements.

Investor Overview

As a result of consecutive successes for SUMED all over the 51 years and despite the international political & economic crisis affecting the entire region. The company was able to maintain an average return on paid in capital of 25%.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Sumed (hereinafter referred to as "the company") firmly commits to providing all stakeholders with a sound and effective operational framework focusing on safety and occupational health, environmental protection, sustainability, reliability and quality.
We handle hazardous products - so, safety is our number one priority. We have company-wide safety principles.

Sumed has an HSEQ Management Program that complies with all applicable laws and regulations . The aim of this program is to improve our overall Safety, Health & Environment (HSE) performance, to further increase awareness of safety issues, and to encourage a culture of personal accountability throughout the company.


Sumed has its HSEQ Policy, permit to work system, work procedures, and management of change. Every terminal therefore has a Safety Council, with both management and employees represented.

We are also bringing in more technology. Technology helps us identify risks sooner, often in 'real time'. This gives us the opportunity to intervene early and prevent incidents before they happen; it also allows us to work more remotely, and reduce the number of employees and contractors potentially at risk.

Emergency Preparedness

Terminals are regularly audited to make sure they meet the standards. Our assets - tanks, pipelines, pumps and jetty - are regularly maintained. We have on-going maintenance program. All assets are properly designed, with safety paramount. This is not just about assets and compliance, however. The program also helps us ensure we have employees with the right skills to maintain and operate our terminals safely. Also that our policies, processes and systems support an effective safety-first culture. Sumed's terminals are equipped and tested regularly on their emergency and crisis response. At our terminals, a typical Emergency Response Plan (ERP) includes different scenarios, as well as recommended responses and escalation procedures. Local authorities are also involved closely in approving up these ERPs.


We work to minimize damage to the environment through harmful emissions, for example, or accidental spills. We have a clear responsibility, in this respect, to the communities in which we operate. Sumed has a robust environmental management process.

Sumed's impact assessments cover not only air quality and possible contaminations, but also emissions of light, as well as noise. Hazardous waste is regulated through our Waste Management standard by accredited contractors from the EEAA (EGYPTIAN ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS AGENCY); this applies to all sites.

Quality Assurance

Sumed integrated management program is certified from the Lloyds' Register to the following ISO standards:

ISO 9001 :2015(for Quality)25 April 2022
ISO 14001: 2015(for Environment)25 April 2022
OHSAS 18001:2007(for Safety & Occupational Health)11 March 2021
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