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From the moment of the signature of the transportation agreement, we consider ourselves the user 's partner, we dedicate our facilities to realizing all possible business opportunities for our users. We monitor and study the oil market and all it's parameters to be always prepared to provide any assistance or new requests. We target ZERO claims (demurrage, losses, etc..) Sumed follows the latest industry standards for Health & Safety, Custody Transfer, Quality Determination and related fields. Safety of the employees, contractors and visitors to our terminals is always of paramount importance. Quality is a top priority while storing and handling Crude Oil.

Our Clients

We work with some of the leading petroleum companies in the world. These are a few well known names from the list.


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Having a strategic geographical location and being the major player of crude oil transportation from Arab gulf to west hemisphere and mediterranean and through years of experience, SUMED managed to adapt to the market needs by providing the following services:

Storage Service

Sidi Kerir is emerging as one of the most important logistical service that SUMED offers via its storage capacity facilities, enabling producers and refinery owners to minimize their storage capacity, reducing their capital investment by depending on Sumed's storage capacity and feeding Egyptian refineries and serving EGPC in providing strategic storage.

Stock Transfer

Changing title of crude oil while in SUMED's custody is the most valuable trading tool in SUMED. Stock Transfers can be made smoothly among Shippers pursuant to their requests offering in-house trading tool in addition to its crucial importance in supplying Egyptian refineries with crude oil.

SUMED/Suez Lightering at Ain Sukhna

Shippers unloads part of their VLCC crude oil cargo at Ain Sukhna transit north bound the Suez Canal partially laden then proceed to Sidi Kerir to reload before heading final destination. SUMED enhances competitiveness for some markets and helps Shippers' benefiting from fixing one vessel for the whole trip, reducing shipping costs per ton, and increasing flexibility of operations. Both SUMED and the Suez Canal apply a special procedure and a special tariff for guaranteeing the economic viability of this route to attract more volume from the Cape.

Back Loading

SUMED can accommodate shippers' needs for discharging crude at Sidi Kerir and reloading it again after discharging. Furthermore, at Ain Sukhna vessels can reload its cargo which mainly aims at making-bulk or breaking-bulk according to the logistical needs of customers.

Topping & Prelifting

In case Shipper's stock of a certain type of crude at SUMED's custody are slightly less than required cargo size as fixed by Shipper to load his crude out of Sidi Kerir, SUMED provides a Top-up to his vessel to avoid dead freight or meet refinery requirements. Moreover, advancing a cargo for lifting out of Sidi Kerir for certain major Shippers under strict conditions, increases his flexibility of operations for facing unforeseen circumstances such as; delays in discharging vessel schedule or fulfilling an obligation or seizing an opportunity for demand in the market.

SWAPS (for lagging stocks)

SUMED Provides Crude Oil Swap service for small quantities of stocks to help shippers clear their lagging stocks. These are idle crude stocks for quite a long period & not expected to be lifted by shipper in the near future.

Undertaking (Shipper-to-Bank title transfer)

To facilitate financial dealings related to transported crude, SUMED issues undertakings to Banks as requested by Shippers. Whereby Sumed changes Titles of a specified shipment or part of a shipment already in SUMED's Custody to a designated Bank. Shipping documents are issued to the order of the designated Bank unless quantity release is submitted.

Vessels Garbage Disposal

In conjunction with the International Conventions for the prevention of pollution from ships, SUMED provides the service of collecting Garbage from Tankers at its facilities in its both terminals (Ain Sukhna and Sedi Kerir).


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