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Chairman Of the Board & Managing Directors

Eng. Emam Darwish

Chairman of the Board & Managing Director 2000-2000
Eng. Emam Darwish was appointed Chairman & Managing Director “SUMED” since February, 2000 till his retirement in September, 2000.
He was graduated from Faculty of Engineering in 1966, Cairo University.
In 1966, he started his career as an Electric Engineer in Petroleum Pipelines Co.
In 1974, he joined the Arab Petroleum pipeline Co. “Sumed” , where he spent about 31 years. He started his work at SUMED as an Electric Maintenance Supervisor. He held several positions as follows:-

2000 - 2000

1978 On-Shore Maintenance Manager at Ain-Shukhna Terminal
1988 On-Shore Operations Manager at Ain-Shukhna Terminal
1991 Ain-Shukhna Terminal General Manager
1993 Sidi-Kerir Terminal General Manager
1996 Operations Director & Member of Board of Directors
2000 Chairman & Managing Director


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